Your houseplant is ill, the whole surface beneath – sticky, the mess – full

Your houseplant is ill, the whole surface beneath – sticky, the mess – full

You like them because with them your whole house looks livelier. There is something magical in the houseplants, something that makes them far more than a simple decoration, but living beings that need care and love and reply with beauty. With passion and desire you bought them, when you moved in and with the same passion you water them and clean them and look for the places in the house where they will feel nice, you assure them the light they need, the heat without which they won’t survive and they turn out to be far more important to you than every other decoration, or piece of furniture. Or how the Little Prince says: “it’s the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important”. But the harsh reality is that no matter how much time you have spent and how many efforts you have made, this same beloved houseplant may get ill and this brings a lot of problems. In most of the cases the whole area around the pot is sticky and therefore the dust seems to come out a lot harder. However, clean this mess as soon as possible!

Wash, clean, polish

I promise that this hell will vanish in three simple steps only. What you should do is first wash with some warm water and remove everything that is stuck to the surface. You won’t be able to clean the floor, the table, the sill or wherever the houseplant was, without this initial preparation.

Use a detergent then and scrub well so that you can get rid of this whole stickiness. The all-purpose cleaning product will be useful and the specialized for the different surfaces ones as well.

If you strive for perfection (and you should) finish polishing with a microfiber cloth.

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